Our Offering

The path to one’s own Fabulousity is rarely easy. Often it is one’s own beliefs that stand in one’s way or missions that one has accepted from others. Sometimes a little nudge helps, sometimes it is a longer process. We have found that the journey to one’s own Fabulousity will probably take a lifetime. And it concerns everyone. For what good is the newly gained energy and charisma if the environment cannot cope with it. That is why our offer is aimed at both individuals and companies. Men, women and they alike.

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Workshops can be booked by and for individuals as well as for the corporate context.

Our workshops are practical, experiential and sustainable. They are designed in a way that the contents can be tried out directly and applied in everyday life. We use our expertise to tailor each workshop to the individual requirements. The workshops can be virtual or live. Optionally, we can also schedule follow-up individual coaching sessions in order to implement what has been learned even more individually.

Our current portfolio includes Fabulousity for…

  • Leaders – Fabulousity and leadership go hand in hand. You have to know and trust yourself in order to be able to lead others well – no matter if man, woman or diverse. It’s all about values, communication, strength-oriented leadership and leadership principles.
  • Women in leadership – It is a well-known fact that Fabulousity has not found its way into every management level. We offer a sustainable blended option for the better positioning of women in middle management.
  • Teams – Becoming and being a team, finding the common purpose, making better use of the strengths of each individual, understanding each other better and achieving more together hand in hand.
  • Strengthening resilience – crises are part of life, it is important to grow from them and to emerge from them stronger. This can be learned.
  • Communication – Fabulous communication means to communicate with more understanding for the other person and their perspective without losing sight of your own values, feelings and goals.
  • Empathic Sales – Human relationships are becoming more and more valuable in a world of digitalisation. Strengthening relationships also means strengthening sales success.

The workshops in a private surrounding currently require a minimum of 4 participants. Maybe you have 3 more fabulous people in mind for whom the topic could be interesting. Feel free to contact us. We will advise you in finding the right solution.

Delivering these workshops in a business context requires a detailed discussion about goals, ideas and relevant topics. Here we can arrange a first meeting free of charge. If we agree that a cooperation is goal-oriented, we will go into more detail in the analysis and present an individual concept.

Have we piqued your interest? Then simply contact us at info@femmefamos.de. This way we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about price.


Coaching session can be booked by and for individuals as well as for the business context.

Every coaching process is unique, just as every person is unique. Therefore it is very important to us to consider each request individually. We follow the guiding principle: “You are the most important person in your life”. Therefore we guarantee that you as a coachee, with all your thoughts, goals, wishes and fears on the way to more Fabulousity, are the focus of our attention. The duration and intervals of a coaching session can vary as much as your goals and wishes. On average the path takes 6 months. Our coaching process provides the framework for this.

Step 1 – Initial interview

This first interview is free and lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The aim here is to get a feeling for each other and to find out whether we “fit”. The relationship between coach and coachee is very intensive and intimate, it is based 100% on confidentiality. During this conversation, the subject and the expectations for the coaching are also discussed roughly. Once the “fit” is given, the coaching can begin.

Step 2 – Coaching kick-off with the coach

This session has several objectives:

  • Discussion of the coaching topic and individual goals
  • Detailed explanation of the overall process by the coach
  • Agreement on further cooperation

In addition, today we will jointly determine the schedule of the sessions and the order in which the individual topics will be dealt with. This creates more clarity for the process, helps to manage expectations and gives more confidence in the achievement of the set objectives. The number of sessions and the duration of the coaching depends entirely on your needs and learning behaviour. You decide how often we meet. You always have the opportunity to contact us in between.

Step 3 – Coaching process

The overall goals for the entire coaching process are the basis from which smaller gals will be derieved. The basic building block is your self-reflection and your will to change. The degree to which you have achieved your goals is evaluated regularly, but at least halfway through the coaching period. Specific actions are defined for the time between sessions. The experiences made in the meantime – the successes or, if applicable, the difficulties encountered – are discussed at the beginning of the next session.

Step 4 – Conclusion

Finally, we look back at the whole process, reflect on your personal development, the changes and any remaining challenges. We work out a plan for the future so that you can continue to work on your goals in the long run.

The content of all coaching sessions is treated 100% confidential. If the coaching is of an business nature, the goals and sub-goals are shared with the supervisor/manager. The way to achieve them remains between coach and coachee.

Have we piqued your interest? Then simply contact us at info@femmefamos.de. This way we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about price.