What actually is Fabulousity?

We are well aware that the word “Fabulousity” is not in the dictionary. But we do not care. After all, in our eyes there is no better word to describe the superpower of a woman. We assume that you have at least a rough idea of what this word means. However, we have also made the experience that usually nothing is clear when sentences start with “I assumed…”. To avoid confusion, here is our definition of Fabulousity:

“Fabulousity works within you as your very own superpower.

It creates self-confidence in you, connects you with your emotions,

shines in your strengths and leads you into a life full of self-efficacy”.

It is all right if the concept is still not quite clear. It also took us quite a while to understand the meaning of Fabulousity. To help you understand it and to make sure that the definition does not remain just a string of phrases, we would like to explain it here in a little more depth.

First of all, every woman has Fabulousity. This has always been the case and will always be the case.

Every woman, whether biological or not, has a wonderful energy, a power inside every woman that helps her to rise above herself and achieve great things. It does not matter who this woman is, where she comes from or how old she is, every woman can swim in her own Fabulousity.

There are women who already consciously use their power and use it in a targeted way. Other women may have noticed that there is something untapped in them, but something is still holding them back from using the full power of their Fabulousity. Still other women may even believe that they do not possess this power at all. No matter which group of women you fall into, but especially if you fall into the latter, let us tell you “Fabulousity lives in you too!” Each of us has very individual talents that make us a unique and wonderful person. – Yes, you have talents too!

To make the most of your Fabulousity, it is important to know your own talents. Then you can use them specifically and make them your strengths. This will enable you to realise your goals and dreams, but also to overcome challenges.

Challenges. Dreams. Goals. All three have something in common: A variety of emotions and feelings.

Sure, there are people who say that emotions are a hindrance and they can get in the way. True. And these people are not completely wrong. But we all agree that emotions are something wonderful and helpful. They are our compass on the way to a life based on values. They show us when we are on the right path. But they also show us when we stray from that path. Therefore, it is important to learn to classify our own emotions and to determine the right behaviour from them. Then emotions no longer stand in our way, but rather pave the way for a life in harmony with our values. So if we combine the knowledge about our talents with a reflected handling of emotions, a force is created which can move many things. It is a force that makes you stand up for yourself and helps you to achieve the apparently impossible.

All of this and much more is Fabulousity.