Nathalie & the Fabulousity

My name is Nathalie Jahn, I live in Cologne and women who are at peace with themselves inspire me. They don’t have to pretend to be anybody else and they shape their lives as they like. I help women to love themselves and everything that belongs to them and to lead a self-effective life.

For several years now I have been working as trainer, coach and manager at sales companies. I am also a certified resilience trainer and team coach. Working in a sales context is very much driven by numbers. Performance is very important, which often leaves little room for aspects such as empathy, self-care or even emotions. Many women find it difficult to find their balance here and thus being able to swim in their Fabulousity. In my work I want to give emotions, individual talents and values the space they need.

What is in it for the fabulous woman?

  • She gets different perspectives
  • She creates a balance with her emotions
  • She finds solution strategies
  • She gains self-confidence
  • She strengthens her resilience

I wish that every woman in the world lives the life of a Femme Famos. I would like to get a little closer to this world and I am happy to accompany women on their way to Fabulousity.

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