Franziska & the Fabulousity

I love strong women. Women who are aware of all their abilities and who have fun every day to get to know themselves better. I help them to develop their potential and live in self-efficacy.

My name is Franziska Dickhut and I have been working as a certified Coach and trainer and manager for many years – independently and in permanent employment. In these activities I notice again and again how little time people take for themselves. Time to reflect, ponder or make value-based decisions. Fabulousity plays a ciritical role here: it arises precisely in this free space – free space for creativity, focus on strengths, reflection on emotions and working on your own values.

And what happens then for the fabulous woman?

  • She gains new insights about herself
  • It provides clarity for decisions
  • It can develop its full potential
  • It is more aware of its strengths
  • She is in balance with her emotions
  • It receives action strategies for the future
  • She is motivated and active

I am always very happy when women achieve exactly that and can lead their lives with more energy and full of Fabulousity. As a coach and trainer since 2012 I have had the opportunity to accompany many women on their way and it is always an absolute honour for me to be part of this very personal process.

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