About the courage to take a break


You know what really gets on my nerves right now?

New starts, upheaval, new normality, on to new shores. This “whoo-hoo on to the next adventure” – mentality is really getting on my nerves right now. It’s always about getting ahead, improving everything, and there’s no room for standstill. What exactly is so bad about things not moving forward, when nothing changes and everything just stays the same?

Do not get me wrong. I love to discover and try new things and I get nervous when I feel like I haven’t learned anything new for a long time. This is a good thing and is part of my Fabulousity. However, the last 18 months have brought a lot of changes for me, if not to say in excess. It all started with the job change last year, which turned out differently than I thought. So it took me 7 months to find my old work-life-balance again. Just when I had it again, Corona and the lockdown came. I don’t think I have to explain in detail what that meant. In June I went from being a “girlfriend” to a “fiancée” – which still makes thousands of butterflies flutter around in my stomach. The next restart was already in the starting blocks with Femme Famos. Objectively speaking, all in all there was more reason to be happy than to cry. Nevertheless all these things mean change. In school we have already learned that changing a state of matter always requires the addition of energy. We also know that there is no perpetual motion machine and that energy is finite. This is the same with us humans. No matter how resistant we are to change, at some point our energy also reaches the point where it is exhausted. Then it is time for us to take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries. For a successful restart or change and also for reframing it is necessary to take a break. Even if our society may see it differently:


Breaks are not signs of weakness.

They are rather the opposite. If you regularly take a break in order to get back to full speed later on, this is more a sign you are using your resources and your body responsibly. Who benefits if you collapse from exhaustion in the end?

Today was another one of those days when I took a break and didn’t really do anything else besides the most necessary things. I lay on the couch and let Netflix sprinkle me. That was what I needed and wanted to do. I lacked the energy to do something else. I used to have a bad conscience about that. But today I know that days like that mean that I didn’t take enough breaks in the last few days. It’s a signal from my body that tells me “Enough is enough, treat yourself to the day or else I’ll have to bring in harder guns. The good thing about it is that the energy for other things is missing on such a day anyway, so I have no choice. These days remind me that it’s important that I don’t let it get that far and take regular breaks to keep swimming in my fabulousity. This is not always easy in everyday life, because we live in a very fast moving world, change is the norm and impressions of it actually flow permanently towards us. It is actually normal and also somehow a status symbol to be exhausted and to feel stressed. But in the long run it is not healthy. So it is no wonder that the numbers for mental illness are rising. In order to stay healthy and to cope with the constant changes in our time, it is therefore important that we take regular breaks.


Limit the external impressions 

In fact, I do not only think of physical breaks, but also mental breaks. Especially in the beginning of Corona I followed the news very closely and absorbed every article and contribution I could find. At some point this led to me worrying too much and not concentrating on the essentials. So I started to limit the amount of new information I could find. I no longer search for it consciously, but read specifically and at specific times. This helps to give the brain a break as well. In addition, it is currently the case that you can’t really get around the topic in any conversation. I no longer actively address it and thus allow myself breaks from the topic. Of course, this also works for other things that are very present for you. After our fresh engagement, you can imagine – me as a passionate planner and my fiancé as a trained project manager – how quickly and intensively we got down to planning the details. After a while, however, we also noticed that the topic was often present in our everyday life and our conversations and decided that there must be days when we don’t talk about the topic. This helps not to be annoyed by the topic and also to awaken new creativity.


Take the time just for yourself

In addition to the breaks for the brain, I have noticed in recent years that I also need time for myself from time to time. At first this was actually a bit strange for me, because as a teenager and also as a student I couldn’t get enough of spending time with people. That was part of my definition of personality. But that has changed in the last years. By concentrating on work and the other obligations I have, I no longer heard my own thoughts and needs. As a result, I no longer knew where my head was. In the meantime I know that my personality still consists to a large extent of the fact that I like to spend time with other people, but that I also have the need to spend time alone with myself.

At home I have the advantage that my fiancé loves to spend time with computer games. This helps when I realize that I need time for myself. The question “Say, don’t you feel like playing something on the computer?” is then the code word for the fact that I would like to do something for myself. Be it just watching one of my series that he doesn’t watch with me. I do create this “Me time” very different every time. I try to listen to my needs. There are days when I just like to be sprinkled. On other days I feel the need to be inspired. Then I read a book on a new topic. On other days I am already inspired and write a blog article. Also baking bread and making my own cosmetics are good for me. But there are also days when I feel the need to be physically active. Then I do yoga or even go running. The activity itself doesn’t matter, the only important thing is that it has nothing to do with what I usually do all day.

I am curious to know how you deal with breaks. Do you have fixed times? What do you do to take a break? Please leave a comment on this page or write me an email

Yours Nathalie 

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