Hello Femme Famos, hello you fabulous Woman

We are Franziska and Nathalie.

We have dedicated ourselves to the theme of Fabulousity. Fabulousity is for us the superpower of every woman and we think it is time that every woman can develop her full fabulous charisma. Maybe you already use your Fabulousity actively, maybe you are still searching. No matter where you are in your life and which questions you ask yourself, you will surely find what you are looking for.

You are exactly right here, if 

  • You want to communicate your needs and desires more confidently and stand up for them more strongly.
  • You want to understand your strengths and emotions better and use them as a compass through your life.
  • You want to actively shape your life without being held back by old patterns, everyday life or circling thoughts.
  • You are looking for inspiration and new perspectives.
  • You want to meet interesting women and discover how they have created their own famous path.

We want to approach these topics in different ways for you and with you, so that you can unfold your very own superpower.

In our blog you can read about different topics and their role in Fabulousity. In our podcast you can listen to interviews with interesting women and how they live their lives splendidly. But you also have the possibility to let us accompany you personally on your way in a coaching. If the topic is even bigger than yourself, a workshop might also be interesting for you, your superiors and colleagues or you and your personal network.

In any case, we promise you that it will not be boring.  On the way to Fabulousity we are your guides. We are very happy that you have found your way here.

If you want to learn more about us individually, you can do so here: 

Our fabulous topics

Every year we dedicate ourselves to 4 topics, which will be reflected in our blog posts and interviews. We also select our interview partners according to the topics. Our past topics were Change/Re-start/Reframing, Goals and Stress

Our 6th topic area from January to March 2022: Female Cycle.

Lying in waiting for April to June 2022 is: Nature.

We are well aware that the word “Fabulousity” is not in the dictionary. But we do not care. We think that it needs a special word to describe the power of every woman.

And what is it now? Have a look!

About Fabulousity

In our blog we write about various topics that concern us and what role they play in the Fabulousity.

Here you can find inspiration, new perspectives and new strength on the way to your own Fabulousity. We love to read your thoughts!   

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In our podcast, we will interview fabulous women to give them a platform for their path to fabulousity. What do they associate with the term? How did they manage to develop their superpower? It is in German though!!

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We wouldn’t be fabulous guides if we didn’t give you the opportunity to work on your own Fabulousity.

Here you can find all the details about our offer, our way of working and how to book us.   

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